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Tool Description ReadMe Downloads
ModPacker A set of command line utilities for packing and unpacking module files into their constituent parts. Also included are utilities for converting the files to XML. ModPacker.html Download
MiniMapExport A utility that can generate PNG image files for area mini-maps. minimap-export.html Download
NWN ANT Tasks A set of ANT tasks for dealing with NWN content. Includes a compiler task for running the PRC script compiler, an XmlToGff task for running the NWN Tools XML conversion utilities, and an ERF packer task for generating .mod/.hak/.erf files. ant-tasks.html Download

  Scripts and ERFs
Name Description Documentation Downloads
Z-Dialog Simple system for easily creating dialogs programmatically. Not yet, keep bugging me about it. Download
PG-Events Set of scripts for converting object behavior to a more object-oriented design. This is similar to the standard X2 tag-based scripting but more flexible in many ways. It is still compatible with the X2 code. Coming Soon
PG-Signal Signal channel listener system for NPCs and placeables. Allows an object to register as a listener to a channel and receive signal events. Requires the PG-Events package. Coming Soon
PG-Schedule Time-based event scheduler. Includes events for signaling day/night signals on a channel. Coming Soon
PG-State Stack-based state machine for handling NPC behaviors. NPCs can transition to different behavior sets dynamically and easily come back to their base behaviors. Includes path-walking and other default behaviors. Coming Soon

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